What are business trips

§ 2 Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG) - German Travel Expenses Act

1) Business trips are trips to conduct business outside of the workplace. They must, with the exception of business trips at the place of work or residence, be ordered or approved in writing or electronically, unless such an order or approval is ruled out according to the business traveller's office or the nature of the business. Business trips should only be made if they are necessary for business reasons. Business trips are also trips on account of transfers, secondments or temporary duty.

2) The length of the business trip is determined by the departure from and arrival at home, unless the business trip begins or ends at work.

The term 'Dienstgang'  has been deleted without replacement. We now also refer to trips at the place of work or residence as so-called business trips, for which written approval is still not required, however.