What needs to be considered on secondments/ business trips to other countries?

In the case of business trips to other countries, the application for the certificate must be submitted to the Human Resources Division. Please contact the responsible person at least three weeks before the start of your trip.
Social security agreements exist with many countries according to which seconded employees are not subject to foreign social security but only to domestic social security. However, not all agreements cover all branches of social security. A list of the countries with which cooperation agreements exist can be found under the following link:  Website of the DVKA  - see "Kooperationen" tab there.

In the case of secondments to a country with which no social security agreement has been concluded, the question of the extent to which the employee on secondment is subject to social security is assessed in accordance with national regulations. It then depends on § 4 SGB IV. Even if according to this provision the prerequisites for the continued validity of German law are met, it is possible that additional statutory provisions of the country of employment with regard to social security must also be observed.

If you are travelling to a country with which there is a cooperation, please complete and submit the form for your country of destination to the Human Resources Division of the CAU at least three weeks before the start of your journey. Forms can be found at: Website of the DVKA. In the grey field you will find a search field under the heading " Ich suche Fragebögen zu...". If you click on the arrow on the right, a list of countries will appear.
The completed application and/or corresponding documents can be sent to the Human Re-sources Division of the CAU by e-mail. Here you will find information on how to complete the ap-plication forms (german only).
As soon as the requesting body has received the certificate, it shall be sent to the traveler by post or e-mail.    
The business trip application and approval are also carried out separately here and, as up to now, using the online procedure 'WinTrip' of the Travel Expenses Unit (R14) in good time before the start of the trip.