Mileage allowance when using a private vehicle

Regular public transport should be used for business trips wherever possible.

"Short distance mileage allowance" 

If you do travel with your own car, you are entitled to mileage allowance. This amounts to 20 cents per kilometre driven, to a maximum of 130 EUR, however. Parking fees can only be reimbursed up to 5 EUR per day. Tolls, ferry costs and the like are not reimbursed. The employer is not liable for property damage.

"Long distance mileage allowance"

If there is a considerable business interest in travelling by car, the mileage allowance amounts to 30 cents per kilometre driven. Parking costs, tolls, ferries and other costs associated with using private vehicles are also reimbursed (without a maximum limit).

A considerable business interest exists if

  • the business could otherwise not be carried out,
  • heavy (at least 25kg), large or fragile (such as measuring equipment) business luggage - not personal baggage - needs to be taken with you,
  • going by car makes it possible to conduct business in several places on one day, which would otherwise not be possible with regular public transport in this time,
  • there is a severe disability of level -aG- .


In the event of damage, if a considerable business interest has been recognised by the travel expenses division before the start of the trip, you are entitled to compensation of damages in accordance with the applicable valid provisions.