Other costs

§ 10 Reimbursement of other costs

(1) Expenditure which is necessary to complete business, which cannot be reimbursed in accordance with Sections 4 to 9, will be reimbursed as additional costs.

(2) If a business trip is cancelled for reasons for which the traveller may not be held responsible, expenditure resulting from the preparation which is to be reimbursed according to the BRKG will be refunded.
To (1)

The following may be considered as other additional costs:

  • Entry fees for participating in events which are necessary for business (such as exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, meetings),
  • Telecommunication costs caused by business,
  • Garage rent, parking fees, ferry fees and tolls when using company cars, private cars, if using these is of considerable business interest in travelling by private car or rental cars,
  • Parking fees in other cases (§ 5 (1) "Short distances") of up to 5 EUR per day,
  • Costs for necessary examinations, visas, vaccinations, etc.,
  • Costs for a private escort for severely disabled employees will be reimbursed according to the provisions of the BRKG if the severely disabled employee is only able to conduct the business with outside help,
  • Credit card fees for using a credit card abroad (except for withdrawing cash) for refundable travel expenses, under consideration of the conversion rate used by the credit card.


The following are not reimbursed:

  • Travel equipment (suitcases, travel bags),
  • City maps, other maps,   
  • Travel insurance (such as traveller's accident insurance, cancellation insurance, liability insurance, aviation accident insurance, foreign travel health insurance)
  • Obtaining replacements, repair or laundry of clothing and travel items taken with you within Germany (exceptions are possible when abroad in accordance with § 5 AVR),
  • Doctor's fees and medication costs,
  • Credit card costs (annual fees),
  • Fines for committing offences.


Costs for caring for family members are not costs which are necessary for completing business and can therefore not be reimbursed.

To (2)

If a business trip is not carried out as a result of business or urgent private reasons, which the business traveller cannot control, then as soon as this becomes clear, all possible measures must be taken immediately in order to keep resulting costs as low as possible