Reimbursing travel and flight costs

When travelling as part of a business trip, priority must always be given to the use of regular means of transportation (train, bus, tube, etc.). The costs for the lowest travel class will be reimbursed.

  • By train: As it is only possible to reimburse the travel expenses that were actually necessary, please make use of all available saver fares with Deutsche Bahn. Kiel University is also registered as a key customer with the Deutsche Bahn (customer number: 2000609); the key customer discount associated with this must also be used. If you travel by train regularly for business trips, it is a good idea to buy a BahnCard. You can find more information on this topic under Bahncard Business. In principle, only those costs incurred by travelling in 2nd class on the train can be reimbursed. Costs for using the next class up can only be claimed if this is necessary in an individual case due to business or personal reasons. In this case, approval from the travel expenses division must be obtained before the trip.
  • By plane: Costs for domestic flights in the lowest class will be reimbursed if flying is the best solution for business (e.g. schedule reasons) or economic reasons (e.g. flying is cheaper than travelling by train, a whole working day can be saved, or flying is cheaper because overnight costs are saved). In individual cases, obligatory family duties (such as caring for children) can also be recognised as a reason for travelling by plane, if the duration of the trip is considerably shortened as a result. For long-haul flights outside of Europe, the costs of using business class or equivalent classes can be reimbursed. Benefits from bonus programmes (such as frequent flyer miles) which are based on business use of the mode of transport are to be made available and used exclusively for business purposes - on no account may they be for personal use.


  •   By boat: When making a business trip by boat, the costs for the ticket price and for a 2-bed cabin on the intermediate or upper deck will be reimbursed.


  •  Car rental: It is only possible to rent a car for a business trip if there is a valid reason to do so. If regular public transport can not be used because, for example, very heavy, very fragile or very large business luggage must be transported, this counts as a valid reason.
  • Taxi: Taxi costs are normally not reimbursed unless there is a valid reason for taking a taxi, such as,
                          • an individual urgent business reason (for example, it is not possible to make an appointment on time using public transport on account of train delays),
                          • a compelling personal reason (such as a medical condition),
                          • regular public transport is not running or is delayed,
                          • trips between the hours of 11pm and 6am make it necessary to travel by taxi for arrivals and departures, or travelling at the business location.

Not knowing the area or bad weather are not valid reasons for taking a taxi.