Reimbursement amounts and scope

Here you can get information about the type and scale of refundable business trip expenses in accordance with the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG - German Travel Expenses Act) and in accordance with the Verordnung über die Reisekostenvergütung bei Auslandsdienstreisen (ARV - Foreign travel expenses ordinance).

The type and scope of travel expense reimbursement in Schleswig-Holstein complies with the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG - German Travel Expenses Act). In accordance with § 1 BRKG, travel expenses reimbursement includes:

1.    the reimbursement of travel and flight costs (§ 4 BRKG)
2.    mileage allowance (§ 5 BRKG)
3.    daily allowance (§ 6 BRKG)
4.    overnight allowance (§ 7 BRKG)
5.    expenditure reimbursement for longer stays at the business location (§ 8 BRKG)
6.    expenditure refunds and fixed rates for personal expenses (§ 9 BRKG)
7.    the reimbursement of other costs (§ 10 BRKG)

In addition, the Auslandsreisekostenverordnung (ARV - Foreign travel expenses ordinance) is also to be applied.