Reimbursing travel expenses to external staff

Reimbursing travel expenses to external staff
In order to supplement the range of courses on offer to students, presentations by guest speakers can be arranged.

In addition, travel expenses can be reimbursed to external staff if this expenditure is in the interests of Kiel University. This must be declared as part of the reimbursement (purpose of the trip).

The funds manager will make decisions regarding the amount to be reimbursed based on the legal provisions regarding travel expenses.
In general, reimbursement is calculated as follows:
Daily allowance for full days, at 24 EUR each and 12 EUR each for travel days to and from the destination for trips lasting several days and including overnight stays.
Fixed overnight rate of 20 EUR per night.
The fixed overnight rate will not be paid if the person stays somewhere for free.
If hotel costs are to be reimbursed instead of the fixed rate, the original receipt is required.
If the person stayed in a hotel, the daily allowance is reduced by 4.80 EUR per overnight stay for breakfast.

Reimbursement of travel expenses against receipts or, if private vehicles are used, at 0.20 EUR per kilometre.

Fixed rate for personal expenses at 25.56 EUR for miscellaneous costs such as telephone calls, photocopies, etc.

Payment of a fee is not permitted within the scope of a travel expense payment. If a fee payment is agreed upon, the recipient of the fee must produce an invoice for the corresponding amount. All expenditures are to be covered by this fee. As part of the invoicing process, however, it is also possible to separate items according to costs for the fee payment and travel expenses.

Reimbursement is to be made with the usual payment order. An informal invoice of costs and the receipts must be included. The individual person's complete private address and bank account details must be specified.

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