Reimbursing the costs of acquiring a BahnCard

The cost of a BahnCard will be reimbursed if its use is more economic than other transport discounts and if its purchase therefore takes place for business reasons.

For reimbursement to take place, the following details are required for the trips made during the BC period of validity:

  1. Destinations and dates of the trip
  2. Normal price of a second class ticket
  3. Fares when using a BC 25 or BC 50
  4. Price of the BC

The Bundesreisekostengesetz (German Travel Expenses Act) allows reimbursement of the costs for a BC Business BEFORE ITS PURCHASE on the basis of a prediction of both the trips planned during the validity period of the BC and a projection. Here, it is absolutely necessary that

  • your budget / funds administrator has given his/her approval beforehand, there will be no reimbursement from central university funds!
  • the BC has not yet been purchased,
  • a prediction of the planned trips and the estimated costs has been produced and
  • the travel expenses division is involved in advance.

On the basis of the prediction, the travel expenses division would check the capacity for reimbursement and, if necessary, make a decision regarding a BC 50 or 25. The purchase of this would then have to be arranged. In this case, reimbursement is secured before purchase and the cost of the BC can be refunded with the first business trip made using this BC.

The costs of a privately purchased BahnCard can be reimbursed upon application as part of the repayment model, as soon as its purchase has redeemed itself through business trips. This occurs once the amount of money saved equals the purchase price of the BahnCard. Partial reimbursement is not possible.

As it is only possible to reimburse trips at the lowest travel class, reimbursement of the cost of purchasing a BahnCard First is usually not possible.

The cost of purchasing a BahnCard 100 can only be reimbursed if the price is profitable through business trips alone, i.e. the sum of all single tickets for business trips, under consideration of the key customer discount, would be more than the purchase price of a BahnCard 100.