Online procedure WinTrip Advanced

Since the middle of 2012 we have been testing the online procedure to apply for and invoice business trips. Introduction of the "WinTrip Advanced" software will take place in the individual faculties one by one. Both business travellers and secretariat staff will be offered a training course for this.

In future, this page will provide you with further instructions for WinTrip Advanced and video tutorials.

Each WinTrip Advanced user must first identify himself. The system then checks whether this user has access authorization. In future, personal CAU identifiers (see below - currently in the planning stage) will enable access to WinTrip Advanced.

At the moment, access is by entering

  • the personnel number (financial administration office; see for example payslips or other correspondence - max. 7 figures, without the 3 figure administrator number) and
  • the password

When accessing for the first time, please enter a space in the password field. You will be asked to select your own password. To protect against unauthorized logins, every character you enter will be replaced by an asterisk when typing your password.

Link to WinTrip Advanced