The Travel Management and the introduction of the online application and invoicing of business trips

Due to the increase in the number of business trips and the growing complexity of this topic, the previous procedure used for handling these cases at Kiel University is no longer appropriate. In order to meet today's required standards for service and efficiency, there is now a separate division for handling  matters related to business trips. This division is part of the Service Centre Resources, Human Resources.

The relevant contacts can be found under the header Team. The division's staff are responsible for approving travel expenses, as well as invoicing your business trip. They are also a service facility which is available for all questions related to handling business trips or regarding the Bundesreisekostenrecht (German regulations for travel expenses).

Filling out numerous forms to apply for and invoice business trips and expenses will become a thing of the past. In future, you will be able to make your applications online using the "WinTrip Advanced" software. For more information on the online procedure and online access, please see the header News  and  Online procedure.

The other pages of this portal contain information on the Bundesreisekostenrecht (BRKG - German regulations for travel expenses) and Auslandsreisekostenverordnung (AVR - Foreign travel expenses ordinance) to be applied in Schleswig-Holstein.

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