Financing business trips

Source of funds

Business trips are invariably financed either by the basic CAU budget (federal state resources) or by third party funds, if you are travelling as part of a third party funded project. In addition, the expenses for business trips can also be paid from other sources. When applying for a business trip, you must specify which funds are to finance the travel expenses. The following information is normally required for this:

  • Federal state resources, third party funds or another investor,
  • The funds centre number; behind this is your institute, your department or your institution,
  • Title,
  • The name of the project, if applicable,
  • The accounting section, if applicable.

You can obtain information on the points above from the secretariat responsible for you, or directly in the travel expenses division for the Central Administration.

The amount of reimbursement

Business trips are always invoiced on the basis of the Bundesreisekostengesetz (German Travel Expenses Act). However, special regulations by an investor can be applicable (e.g. rates by the DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service).

When applying for a business trip, you must specify whether the funds are to be paid to the amount of the legal regulation (BRKG). If this is the case, the traveller is reimbursed with travel expenses, a daily and overnight allowance, as well as miscellaneous costs as described in  Entitlement to travel expense allowance, daily allowance, etc.

In addition, travel expenses can also be reimbursed in the form of a subsidy up to a certain amount, or certain parts (such as the daily allowance) can be excluded from reimbursement, or only individual components are financed, such as only the travel expenses or only accommodation costs. In these cases, a calculation in accordance with the Bundesreisekostengesetz (German Travel Expenses Act) will also be carried out first, and the amount to be reimbursed will then be appropriately reduced.