Entitlement to reimbursement for travel expenses

In accordance with the administrative provisions of Section 3 of the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKGVwV - German Travel Expenses Act), an individual is only entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses if the expenditure of the business traveller and the length of the business trip were necessary for the business purpose. With regard to the length of the business trip, the travel expense allowance can only consider an appropriate (based on the business times) arrival and departure. This may deviate from the actual travelling times chosen for personal reasons. Also see the connection of business trips with personal trips.

For information on the reimbursement amounts for travel expenses, see Entitlement to travel expense allowance, daily allowance, etc.

In order to claim reimbursement for travel expenses, please process the approved application for the trip in WinTrip or, if this has not yet been introduced within your institution, use the forms Application for invoicing a business trip within Germany or  Application for invoicing a business trip abroad.

Waiving travel expenses payments by third parties

In general you can waive your entitlement to reimbursement for travel expenses on business trips. However, for insurance reasons, make sure that you make a business trip application and explain on this application that you waive claims to reimbursement for travel expenses.

Payments received by business travellers by third parties on account of their business trip are to be credited to the travel expense allowance. These include such things as subsidies granted from another office to execute the business trip, but also benefits which have been granted on account of previous business trips (such as frequent flyer miles).

Cut-off period for claiming reimbursement

(§ 3 Bundesreisekostenrecht - German regulations for travel expenses)

The entitlement to receive a travel expense allowance expires if a written or electronic application is not made within six months after the business trip has been completed. Any payments which have already been made must be paid back.