Overnight allowance

In Germany:

Overnight allowance is granted either as a fixed rate of 20 EUR (when staying with friends or family, for example), or to the amount of the necessary resulting costs. The cost of a hotel room is considered necessary if it does not exceed 80 EUR; this does not include the share for meals (e.g. breakfast). 

Independently of this, hotel costs are reimbursed if business travellers select a hotel from the TMS list (special rates agreements with hotels in Germany). If you book using the HRS Corporate customer portal, these hotels are marked with the CAU logo.

If the business trip lasts longer than 14 days, then no fixed overnight allowance (see above) will be paid as from the 15th day; the necessary overnight costs will be reimbursed.


Please see the country list of the Federal Ministry of the Interior 2020 for information on the overnight costs abroad that can be reimbursed.

Special rates have also been agreed upon with foreign hotels in major cities, which you can find on the HRS Corporate customer portal, marked with the CAU logo.